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Widespread torture of detainees is common in criminal investigations in Uzbekistan, and has become an unmistakable feature of the government's crackdown against independent Islam. Uzbekistan's government refuses to hold police and security forces accountable for acts of torture, and even tacitly encourages torture though its broadcasting of political prisoners' public "confessions" as tools of political propaganda. Instituting legal and judicial reform to halt torture, and ending impunity for it, should be a matter of priority for the government of Uzbekistan and for all parties interested in human rights and the security and stability of the region.

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By rights, Luis Munos shouldn't have much of a story to tell, except the kind that we can all claim. His life was an ordinary one and, if it hadn't been for General Augusto Pinochet, it probably would have continued as such. Luis's error was to be young, Chilean and of the Left at the time of the coup on 11 September

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It is operated by the Directorate for the Surveillance of the Territory Direction de la surveillance du territoire, DSTa Moroccan domestic intelligence agency implicated in past and ongoing human rights violations, [1] which continues to arrest, detain and interrogate individuals suspected of involvement in terrorism-related activities outside of the Moroccan legal framework. And later when he was releasedhe wrote the book "Tazmara ", [2] contraction from words Temara and Tazmamart another popular prison and as a sign of continued abuse from the Years of Lead Morocco to present days. More recently, Zakaria Moumni claimed to have been tortured there when he was arrested in

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Detainees' allegations of torture are on the rise in Uzbekistan. Torture victims may be those suspected of committing ordinary crimes, or those accused of such political crimes as membership in banned political or religious organizations, or crimes having to do with the victims's alleged religious beliefs or activities. As the government's arrest campaign against independent Islam has intensified, highly credible accounts of torture have multiplied.

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Takeaway: Electric play is all about exploring fear, excitement and even pain. It has been republished here with permission from the author. Ask somebody to imagine a torture scene.

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Santiago — Chile. This article explains how the concepts of Biopolitics and homo sacer contribute to the understanding of what happened in the Villa Grimaldi concentration camp and torture center during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, in Chile. Prisoners were humiliated and tortured, losing their condition as subjects of law.

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Jump to navigation. The New York-based International League of Human Rights charged last June that Indian jailers have been guilty of 'torture, brutality, starvation and other mistreatment of prisoners' In late '69 - early '70, the Finance Department of the West Bengal government wrestled with an unusual request.

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So begins a long letter to Pope Paul written in by Marcos Arruda, a young geologist American mother, Brazilian fathera plea for help from prison. It continues: he and the girl, a painter named Marlene Soccas, were subjected to months of unspeakable torture. On arrival Marcos was kicked, clubbed with truncheons, head pounded on the floor, ears banged in the cupped "telephone" style.

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Some detainees are subjected to "only" psychological [70] torture: deprivation of sleep, disorientation through the constant playing of loud music, threats against the victim's spouse or children or parents, pressure to collaborate and become paid informers, mock execution. While this kind of torture can cause psychic wounds as deep as physical mistreatment, it was relatively ignored in Chile at first, overshadowed by the physical forms of abuse. As a witness told the UN Special Rapporteur on Chile in "This is because we have become rather accustomed to living in a climate in which detention is associated with very severe and very serious ill-treatment

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The foothills of Chile's Andes Mountains have been home to a group of German residents for the past 50 years. This community is now known as Villa Baviera, but most still call it by its original name, Colonia Dignidad, or the Dignity Colony. With rolling hills, rivers and forests, its facade is idyllic.


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