In " I, Roommate Bender gets so depressed about Fry throwing him out of their apartment that he stops drinking and (since robots need alcohol to dumas les 3 mousquetaires function properly) starts to act drunk.
Also implied in "Your Own Worst Enemy" Full bottle in front of me Time to roll up my sleeves And get to work And after many glasses of work I get paid In the brain Another implied example from "They'll Need a Crane" Lad looks.
Mass Effect 3 : Tali of all people is seen getting soused after Miranda dies on Sanctuary.
So that feeling further angry and depressed, Shinji went to a bar to drown his sorrows in alcohol.Wearing Robert's Crown : Having spent years of restraining himself to well-watered wine, Drakebert drinks himself into a stupor after executing Quentyn Martell.The Autobiography of Jane Eyre : Mr Rochester, apparently.Renee: Only if you added some bourbon.The second version of the volume, told from his point of view, revealed his reaction to Elizabeth (who he's hopelessly in love with) announcing her engagement to Ben Everett.Thelma packs his bags and tells him that he can either quit drinking for good and stop feeling sorry for himself or he can leave her for good.Twinkle Twinkle : Mostly serious sorrowful drinking, especially by the female leads.Pokémon : Mallow drowns her sorrows with Pinap Berry juice in an episode of Sun and Moon.
In Loving Vincent, Armand has a few too many drinks after losing his job.

Especially because of the scramble alert following shortly thereafter.A great deal of country music practically glorifies this trope.He ends up asking if the bartender can make him a "vodka malted." Note that this however depends on the production.Act II of Love Never Dies opens with Raoul getting sloshed in a seedy bar on Coney Island, lamenting his losing Christine to the Phantom.Frank Browning does this in the first book of the Ahriman Trilogy when he thinks he's failed again.Intent on acquiring skills that would allow him to contribute to Ethiopias restoration, the young Afewerk settled on pursuing his studies in mining engineering.
Luna is briefly shown crying with a large number of bottles nearby.

Miyagi (the one played by Pat Morita, NOT Jackie Chan) in The Karate Kid Part.