The group participated in an attack on the Japanese invasion fleet landing troops on Bali.
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Unknown to the 27th BG (L) Airmen, to avoid capture or destruction, the ship carrying the planes was diverted to Australia when the war escalated.By 20 November, therefore, in company with the RAF's 112 Squadron, the group was in action for the first time as a tactical unit; 96 between 6 November and the end of the month it carried out the impressive total of 477 sorties Began operations.Friday, 11 september 1942, mediterranean theater OF operations MTO, US Army, Middle East Air Force troie gola profonda (usameaf P-40s fly an uneventful sweep with the RAF during a lull after the Battle of Alam-el-Halfa, Egypt.64th Squadron - note the scorpion on the rudder, as opposed to the cowling where they usually were : James.Took part in the Battle of El Alamein and, as part of Ninth AF, supported British Eighth Army's drive across Egypt and Libya, escorting bombers and flying strafing and dive-bombing missions against airfields, communications, and troop concentrations until the defeat of Axis forces in Tunisia.Monday, 14 december 1942, eastern mediterranean (Ninth Air Force) In Libya, P-40s continue to pound retreating German forces east of El Agheila.1 Throughout the last 68 years, the 27th designation has been assigned to several groups and wings at a myriad of locations.He attended the local schools in Harrisburg and graduated from the Harrisburg High School in 1932.The first production F-82Es reached the 27th in early 1948, and almost immediately the group was deployed to McChord AFB, Washington, in June where its squadrons stood on alert on a secondary air defense mission due to heightened tensions over the Berlin Airlift.The 522d Fighter Squadron deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia in direct support of Operation southern watch.
Modern era edit General Dynamics EF-111A AF Serial.
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By January, the remainder of the 27th's aircraft were made operational.3 In January 1949, Eighth Air Force planned a large celebration at Carswell AFB.It remained there until 1957 when it was deactivated.Libya, ; thursday, 12 november 1942, HQ 57th Fighter Group and the 65th Fighter Squadron move from Egypt to Libya with P-40s friday, 13 november 1942, NE africa (Ninth Air Force Tobruk, Libya falls to 10 Corps of the British Eighth Army.Supported British Eighth Army's landing at Termoli and subsequent operations in Italy (Oct 1943-Feb 1944) by flying dive-bombing, strafing, patrol, and escort missions.In August 1999, the 523d Fighter Squadron relieved the 522d Fighter Squadron from Coronet Norsemen.

The 64th and 66th Fighter Squadrons, 57th Fighter Group, move from Egypt to Libya with P-40s.