escort bike security device

Regardless, it's clear that vehicle owners hoping to track their vehicle or recover it after a theft have more choices than ever before.
Ford has a similar idea in escort gemona the form of its MyKey on the Taurus, which can program the car to limit speed, not to mention set a maximum stereo volume.When this Tlabs Anti Theft System installed in your motorcycle no one could start your bike even with the ignition anziane italiane troie key.That time the engine will not start again until the owner neutralize the system with his hand held rfid sensor touching with motorcycle mounted sensor.It featured as it will enhance your motorcycle security system over your conventional locking system.So you can understand the security range of this device.The Internet of Things is making a new breed of gear available to tech-savvy cyclists.No hassle for the user.And now a day klagenfurt bordello the situation gone to the worst that even our household garage sometime is not safe.So all the motorcycle owner and user stay worried about their motorcycle when keeping their motorcycle within parking premises. .In this security system a rfid sensitive sensor mounted hidden in your bike and another rfid sensor remains at your hand.It connects in series with the battery, ignition coil through ignition key, the CDI system and the horns.So readers you can see the Tlabs Anti Theft System is the new smart lock of your motorcycle.Its an all new and something innovative security device for your motorcycle.

TLabs BD, ka 225, Pragati Sarani, Vatara, 1229.So they need something which is more developed device to enhance our security system.So we are here with the detail of this security system after BikeBD testing.See all 7 photos.Should that happen, the optional GPS security system automatically activates and the owner will get a phone call from Escort.When you need to start the bike you have to turn on the key and touch the handheld sensor with bike mounted hidden sensor.It activates just when you shut off the ignition and remove your starting key from the key hole.
And here is the new security device Tlabs Anti Theft System (ATS).
Otherwise the alarm will continue shouting and the engine will stay halted.