The first house or flat we burst into we that of a railway guard who after flatly denying he had taken anything eventually said he had taken some petrol rubber tubing etc.
Ricercato per ore da decine di poliziotti e Carabinieri, è stato scoperto nel cuore della notte nella stazione ferroviaria di Padova.
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Bond looked at it and found it wasnt much good for us, only a lighting set engine and some flex.We werent very keen to investigate but Albert pushed for it and we set out.A sentry of 254 Artillery Battery was severely wounded al the station during the night.«Soltanto che ci saremmo risentiti domenica per la conferma».Gemona looked very attractive lying on the east of the road at the foot of some high hills.They certainly shook our stupid crowd of officers.The image attached to this story cannot be viewed for moderation or technical reasons.Cowboy got one too.
Albert succeeded in obtaining more names from the woman and so the scale of the exercise grew.

A sight which shook us all and made us feel the necessity for the non-fraternisation order especially as we had just seen a swaddie arm in arm with a fraulein.There were some evidences of bomb damage here.Ma non voglio smettere ora.Gli investigatori gli hanno teso una trappola nelle campagne di Aiello (Udine a poca distanza dalla sua abitazione.DaQ has been out and brought in several prostitute ostia antica German cars.Non vogliamo un appuntamento, bordello a parigi store solo sapere.Through Pontebbo, a small town and railway station, working to Taravisio the last Italian town south of the border.Of all dangerous suspects, unfortunately he had to arrest his landlord!We reached Villach and halted to eat our haversack ration.Pulled out about.30 for Wolfsberg.