Prokhorov in his foreword to the first Russian edition of Volume II wrote the following.
Čeprav se gospodarski položaj spreminja, je poroka s tujcem še vedno priljubljen način odhoda iz države.During these two years the crew, although in extremely difficult situation, performed numerous scientific investigations.The names of these Croatian mariners are: Petar Lusina (from the island of Cres Lovro Marolla (from Rijeka Ante Vecerina (from Draga near Rijeka Petar Falesic (from Bakar Juraj Stiglic (from Bakar Jakov Sucic (from Volosko Fran Lettis (from Volosko Vicko Palmic (from Volosko Josip.Science source, antun Lucic (americanized name is, anthony.Novomeški kriminalisti preiskali kazniva dejanja zlorabe prostitucije bigboy69.Also a famous Irish mathematician and physicist.W.L'orthographe du nom a aussi évolué, en s'adaptant aux langues de ces pays : la version croate - Jelacic, a été déclinée en Ielachijch, Jelachich, Jellachich, Jellatchitch ou Iellatchitch, sans oublier la version cyrilique.
Members of the expedition learned many news that have happened in Europe during two and a half years of their expedition.
Bunga bunga so ga prvotno obsodili na sedem let zapora, a ga leta 2015 vecchie troie ciccione na zadnji stopnji oprostili obtožb podpiranja prostitucije z mladoletnimi osebami in zlorabe položaja.

The name entered also the Italian language - Cravatta Spanish - Corbata Portugese - Gravata Croatian - Kravata Irish - Carabhat English - Cravat Swedish - Kravatt Finnish - Kravatti Flemish - Krawaat Polish - Krawat Ukrainian - Kravatka Romanian - Cravata and many other.It is briefly described in the booklet Vjalova 1982, and contains the the following: 53 handwritten cursive glagolitic texts (legal documents, prayers) from 1460 till 18th century, originating mostly from Croatian coast, 10 documents texts in the the Croatian cyrillic (documents, prayers, letters written between.Z obiskom in uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate s piškotki.Ce village est situé sur la rive gauche de la rivière Kupa.Berlusconi znova pred sodniki, axe Nals, v Sieni se je danes začelo novo sojenje nekdanjemu italijanskemu premierju Silvio Berlusconiju zaradi podkupovanja prič.The first national operas among the Slavs were composed by Russians (M.Mir Moscow 19 (reprinted 1964 edition).Il avait hérité de la propriété familiale "Pavlovka" dans le gouvernement de Samara.Music source Ivan Mane Jarnovic (Italianized name Giornovichi, ) was an outstanding Croatian violinist and composer of the 18th century, probably from Dubrovnik.Railroads in increasing number were using it, and manufacturers were substituting it for coal and gas.Anthony Lucas (Antun Lucic) invented the so called "Christmas tree which is the system of valves and pipes installed on the wellhead to harness a gusher.
Lopasic, les Jelacic sont originaires de la région de Bihac.