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Robyn has only the dimmest memories of the country of her birth, and has never had the opportunity to refresh or renew them, Professor Penrose's characteristic response to any suggestion that the family should revisit Australia being a shudder.
Ici se tenait-il encore, de retour à la case départ, la claudication en moins.
Drain and refresh immediately by steeping them in cold water.
It is not thought appropriate to say that the modern economy requires such an underclass, and certainly not that it must reach out to other countries to sustain and refresh.An expression used when a person wants something, in order to make their request more polite.An expression of annoyance or impatience.The air will refresh.".To make happy or satisfy interjection to make commands more polite expression of annoyance or impatience (also used after -te forms) please somehow or other used in polite request; "please pay attention" be the will of or have the will (to "he could do many.To desire; to will; to be pleased.5, used to make a polite request.La vie l'avait mâché et recraché, comme s'il avait un arrière-goût écœurant.To make happy or satisfy; to give pleasure.

Cinq ans plus tôt, il se tenait juste ici, avec une patte folle et une canne, à un cheveu de céder à l'appel de son flingue, aucune perspective d'avenir, aucune famille, aucun ami, rien de plus qu'un médecin-militaire lessivé.Sherlock avait choisi de sauver John, à cette époque.Used as an affirmative to an offer.Said as a request to repeat information.In a few days we came back to town; and his excellency, considering the bad character he had in the academy, would not go with me himself, but recommended me to a friend of his, to bear me company thither.As it was, I arrived about 9 AM at St Andrews and had time to walk round the course and refresh my memory.One of the great things about mountain walking in Austria is that no matter where you go, you never seem to be far from a mountain hut serving food and drinks to refresh you.Along the way, we also visit some true traditional English Inns to enable you to refresh yourself, soak up the atmosphere and who knows maybe contact the spirits as they ceaselessly donna cerca uomini taranto wander.Blanch in boiling water quickly and refresh in cold water, drain.Formal way of being polite when you give something.The simulator for the ATT DSP32C (provided by ATT) has a poor screen display which relies on scrolling refresh.

The most sophisticated cooks use lemon grass whole or coarsely cut when preparing the stock for a soup or sauce and remove it when the dish is almost complete, replacing it with fine slices to focus and refresh the flavour.
Il semblait avoir quitté Baker Street depuis des années, la vie avait entamé un nouveau cycle et il revenait là où tout avait commencé.