Because thats what determins how much boost is held back.
No Tax, Each.29 Taxed, Each.35.When ECU senses boost limet it cuts the power to the amal valve and the air goes to the actuator instead of breather.I could get a flow of air out the breather outlet!When I turn the key on the amal valve clicks once!Parts Cataloque, mechanical Parts / Main Parts, engines From 250.00.So we have this Amal valve with 3 ports.Crankshaft S/H.00, turbo Units S/H 125.00, turbo Units Recon With Warranty From 350.00, exhaust Manifold.00, inlet Manifold.00, throttle Body.00, plenium Chamber /Crosover Pipe.00.So its made that when there is NO power!When I added 12v the amal valve clicked once!Fits Engine Type, ford Cosworth YB, product Group.So from what I can see at annunci hard trieste this point is!Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987, ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2wd.Hi, I have spent most of the day reading through 28 pages of old posts and other links and forums and removing the amal valve from my car and testing it to work out how/what/when it works!It's the ECU's only way to directly control boost.I have the pipes on the right connections.

And wouldnt let a continuous flow of air through!Tuning the LET - Turbo (so I dont see why so many people say get shot of the amal valve and control the boost with the actuator because you get boost creep!Ford, brand Logo, fits Model Variant, ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Sierra (2WD Cosworth Ford Sierra (4WD Cosworth).Amal valve good thing!Water temperature sensor Ford Cosworth YB -06/94 SC605.Air charge temperature sensor Ford Cosworth YB -06/94 SC606.That escort erotiche way, the more boost the turbo made, the more pressure was at the back of the actuator pushing the diaphragm to open.Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth.I have them concerti gogol bordello italia the right way around.This could all be a great use to some one else one day!But there are some things I'm not quite clear on!