Connect to a PC to download stored data or view live readings.
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Our brand new real-time system, The Streamer, even streams your temperature data directly to the cloud while your product is in transit, so you analyze it while the shipment is still happening.
IP67 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes uses Crystal's, cPF hose and fitting system up to 15K (finger tight to 10K PSI Shifting everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter.We can review your situation and help you find the best solution.Stored data, or data being recorded, can be displayed graphically, with the ability to zoom into specific events, or zoom out to get a big picture of your test.Stamping System Dot Priting.Chart Dimensions 200mm escort tour agency W x 20m fanfold.How often will the recorder be used?Temperature Recorder-Analogue Recorder, the12-channel analogue Chino temperature recorder opposite has been selected as ideal for the rigours of site heat treatment.Quality USB, which is perfect for slipping into shipping cartons.The internal power supply and chart drive switches are readily accessible.However, choosing the right recorder isnt easy.Boomerang 2 is a powerful reusable recorder that can be used for both shipments and temperature-controlled warehouses.Atex/iecex intrinsically safe, log and display escort karlsruhe 500,000 points at up to 10 readings/sec on up to two modules simultaneously.You can then review any data point from any time.The recorder also can be housed within a rugged steel casing and is fitted with rear polarised socket connections for the widely used Type K thermocouple to compensating lead connections, to prevent reading errors.The temperature charts extend for up to 400 hours for a chart speed of 50mm/e scale and chart are illuminated.Analogue recorder specification, model: EH100 -12, overall dimensions 360mmW x 360mmH x 445mmL.
Not only does it help you comply with food safety standards, it also saves money and hassle by preventing spoilage, and can be used to settle costly disputes between suppliers and receivers.
Its a field calibrator that can display recorded data graphically on a high resolution screen.

There's never been anything like this!Configure and customise your unit using free software - CrystalControl * Specification updated December 2015.Reusable recorders: Reusable recorders are often the better choice for closed loops where the shipment involved is a round trip.Modules purchased prior to this date accurate up.025 of reading.If youre still not sure what temperature recorder is the right choice, feel free to reach out to us.It's not just a pressure calibrator or a pressure recorder.There are many different options out there.The chart drive can be varied to suit the heat treatment specification or conditions.Heres a few things to consider before you make your choice.Know your situation, the better you can describe your situation and your company, the easier it will be the pick the right recorder.Know your options, once you understand your shipping situation as thoroughly as possible, youll be ready to choose a recorder.
If youre monitoring inter-company transfers, this is probably the right choice for you.
Real-time monitoring choices: If donne mature cercano sesso youre carrying products that need to meet fsma compliance standards, youll want to consider a choice that offers real-time monitoring.