Comporta, Carvalhal and, pego, where it is very easy to find a lovely restaurant for having fresh fish, or tasting the quanto si prendono le prostitute local snacks.
Not far away is Carrasqueira, a very traditional fishing port built on stilts.
Highlights of Tróia, welcome to Tróia, troia for a Holiday.The town was abandoned in the 5th century after being critically ravaged by a winter storm.Galé beach, the dunes break up to give way to the Melides lagoon, with its five million year old sandstone cliff, and to the.From the town centre there are broad walks to quieter sections of this beach, including the southern side of the Praia do Bico das Lulas (GPS:.483285, -8.9047649).Boat trips in search of dolphins, beaches extending as far as the eye can see, restaurants with fresh fish and terraces on the sand.The Roman ruins of Cetobriga, cetobriga was a major Roman settlement which specialised in the salting of fish, caught from the Sado Estuary or the Atlantic Ocean.Travel to the Tróia Peninsula, there is just a single road connecting Troia to the mainland, but this travels from the south, via Comporta, and is a massive detour when heading from Lisbon.It departs Setubal from Cais 3 (GPS:.52047, -8.88928) and terminates at the Ponta do Adoxe, close to the marina in Troia (GPS:.49417, -8.90090).The ruins are situated on a separate headland of Troia (GPS:.48602, -8.88511 and are unfortunately a significant distance (7km) from the main resort town.Troia course, designed by the famous American architect Bobby Jones, is truly integrated into the landscape, and great for the experience of a real golfing challenge.For the average tourist, Troia is an outstanding beach destination and is easily accessible from Setubal due to the regular and inexpensive ferry service.In any case, the timetable can be found on their website (that unfortunately and illogically.Signs of human habitation in Troia date back many centuries.This coastline offers vast beaches of soft golden sands, onto which the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean roll onto.The area is perfect for windsurfing and sailing, as you can tell by the busy.Alternatively, a relaxing afternoon and evening could be spent in the romantic restaurants, which overlook the marina and estuary.

Troia is a wonderful holiday destination for visitors who seek tranquillity and seclusion, combined with a touch of class.The main town is at the northern tip of the peninsula and boasts a selection of stylish restaurants and bars, and the Casino de Tróia (GPS:.49317, -8.90377).The Praia Atlantica is the main beach for Sol Tróia, and is another magnificent beach, which is very similar to the northern tip.Bikes could be hired (or brought over on the ferry) to cycle along the quiet roads to the Roman ruins.The main tourist development of Troia is to the northern tip of the sandy peninsula and exudes sophistication and class, with fine dining, fashionable bars and a grand casino complex.The following box details any hotel deals for Troia and the prices for last minute accommodation: m, troia as a day trip, the main reason for a day trip to Tróia are for the beaches, and they are wonderful beaches, but there is more.Another idea is to take a golf vacation.Troia has a reputation for exclusivity and wealth, but it is actually a peaceful and scenic stretch of coastline, which is highly recommend to visit.It is possible to have a day trip to Troia (using public transport) from Sesimbra or even Lisbon (train from Lisbon and ferry from Setubal).The main resort of Troia overlooks the marina.