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Do you need more lesbian comic books in your life? Lesbian comic books come in all shapes and sizes. This list includes completed and ongoing series, webcomics, and one-sitting reads.

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Why keep these two star crossed lovers apart? You know, whenever we have sex, time seems to go real fast. Sex Criminals is an Eisner -winning comic is full of sex.

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Post a Comment. A quick summary of NSFW webcomics that focus majorly on lesbians. Be warned.

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Hey guys! I appreciate any and all help given! Idolon : mature Cassandra, home-schooled her entire life by her eccentric father, moved to a new school her senior year thanks to a prestigious scholarship.

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I've seen a lot of Boy's Love comics Say It! Conversely, I am also having trouble finding some good shoujo ai manga. I discovered some hardcore yuri, but I just want something fluffy and sweet like Tamen De Gushi.

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There are a lot of webcomics out there which include gay cast members. GLBT themes tend to be handled a lot more sympathetically and believably, and are covered a lot more often no publishers to fight online. Some that focus on lesbians as the main characters are linked below.

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The comic, described as an erotic romantic comedyfocuses on the relationship between a group of friends and their mutual interest in BDSM culture. This series was originally planned to be a four-part story, focusing on a different couple each arc. After the first arc each new arc will feature a new subtitle.

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DAR was special to me right from the start. It was the first comic I encountered about being queer and crippling depression and falling in love with unexpected people and I still love every bit of it. At the time, I only read a few other webcomics that had nothing to do with lesbians, like Questionable Content which, to its credit, does feature some lesbians but I think Jeph Jacques is kind of a jerk so.

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Often the product of a single cartoonist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory. With hundreds of possible comics out there, this list barely scratches the surface — but in honor of wrapping up Pride Monthhere we present 40 webcomics doing the LGBTA community proud! Created by Mildred Louis AgentsoftheRealm.

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Alfie has, errr… opened the floodgates. Comics, though, I would have previously left for dirty teenage boys. But that was before I found out there are really good ones…. Now, I realise I was an idiot and a fool.


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