gogol bordello аккорды my companjera

GI'm at my final downE7, amMy fFinGalE down, amMy fFinGalE down.
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G E7, warrior that's more fragile, am F, jetlag, hangover, malnutrition.We traded fever on turmoil (We traded fever for turmoil).G E7 Your baby claw stuck in my chest Am F Where are you now my sonidera?I had to tear it off my mind.Who Gtook you from the neE7st?GWarrior that's E7more fragile, amJetlag, hangover, Fmalnutrition, gYou can't fly in Ethis condition.Chorus Where are you now my companjera?I'm beating Gbricks from town to Etown.Where are you now, my sonidera?Bridge bordello milano corso buenos aires I'm at my final down My final down My final down (Guitar solo) Eat and sleep without desire Would you like window or aisle?Am F Where are you now my companjera?

Am F Oh, Miss Sky, you ever annunci girl busto seen G E7 Warrior that's more fragile Am F Jetlag, hangover, malnutrition G E7 You can't fly in this condition Am F And if no one intervene G E7 Out of the window is troie verbania my mission.Where are Amyou now my soniderFa?Warrior that's more fragile?Am F eat and sleep without desire, g E7, would you like window or aisle?Jetlag, hangover, malnutrition, you can't fly in this condition.Oh, Miss Sky, you ever seen.I'm at my final down, down!