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Instead I scratch my forehead like Aladdin his lamp.
Romanian lyrics: Tu esti fata care n-are, n-are, n-are suflet n-are, care n-are suflet n-are.
Madagascar-roumania (TU jesty fata so now you tell me we're living in a country.Oh you will never cerco donna per fare l amore know their name!But there is a room where bustle and merry and big ceremony could be going on, where your true talents along with birthrights could be dancing can-can 'Cus even in Madagascar.Where your true talents along with birthrights.Where did they came from?So now you tell me you are living in a country where joys and freedom they can not be tried but alone in your mind there are so many rooms that you never seem to find.It will it will occure.and sowing machine, too, tu esti fata care n-are n-are, n-are suflet tare care n-are suflet tare.Hai Doamne ce-i cu fire, de-ti gasesc ce e cu mine, hai off Doamne ce-i cu fireee x 2 dadadadaddadadadadda lalalaallaaal nananananananananana, hai Doamne ce-i cu fire,nu gasesc ce e cu mine, hai oiii Doamne ce-i cu fire x 2, eugene Hutz: Hai Doamne ce-i.That you never seem to find.When most of the time whatever that you look for.And even in Antarctica!Hai Doamne ce-i cu fire,nu-ti gasesc ce-i cu mine, hai off Doamne ce-i cu fireee x 2, tu esti fata fata buna, care cu mine se joaca, care cu mine nu se joaca.You could have just sit down and make.'Cus even in Madagascar we'll find some shack below radar put two turntables and a film projector in that room and punk rock 'n' roll most faithfully.There is a room where your toolbox is waiting.Cure!.and sewing machine too!
Where joys and freedoms they can not be tried.
It will it will occure-cure-cure-cure, tica tica tica galiga.

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Oh, you will never know their name.And punk rock 'n' roll most faithfully.Cause even in Madagascar, we'll find some shack below radar.So do 'the right thing just do 'the right thing how can you do it while you are awake?Put two turntables and a film projector in that room.Haide fata tu afara sa te vada toti tiganii, Haide fata tu afaraaaaaa.

And big ceremony could be going.