Granted, Im a morte puttana major fan of pump-action shotguns and personally I like Hatsans Escorts, the combination of how much the gun costs and the way it performs is a constant reminder of how and why these guns have become as popular as they are.
Because shooting against the clock is one of the Practical shotgunning disciplines and requires the shooter to start with the gun empty, the amount of time taken to load up is part of the overall time taken and resultant score.
But look closer and the overall shape that includes a neat flat comb is there to promote fast handling and precise target acquisition along with fast mounting and an ability to allow the head to move freely even when against the stock.A quick overview of the Escort MP Pump Action Shotgun by Hatsan and Legacy.Should you so wish to fit something along the lines of a tactical torch, the slide also features its own integrated accessory rail.With the trigger blade an easy index finger stretch, a squared pommel and finger rest means your hand finds the exact same location each and every time, an important factor when moving, loading and shooting all at the same time.Shot some 2 3/4" Winchester X rifled hollow point slugs and Remington 2 3/4" 00 buckshot.The gun handles well, swings easily and acquires its targets with ease, topping up the magazine tube even with the gun held to the shoulder was no particular problem.Whilst in the first instance someone will probably lend you a suitable 12-bore to have a go and work your way through the various safety courses, eventually youll have to apply for your own.Find something tell your friends you like LongList.More like this., I had 2 shells swell in the chamber from both Remington and Federal in slugs!Beneath the barrels sits an extended mag tube which in turn runs into the deeply sculpted action slide, the sculpted indentations allowing the shooter a firm grip with a variety of hand positions.Choke wise I stuck with whilst the ammo was divided between 28g Eley VIP Sporting and Edgars latest shells the hard hitting 28g NSI-UNO Prima, the Escort shooting equally well with both makes.
Pump action of course and is also called the.
More like this., this is a quick rough copy I'll do a better edited version when I have more time.

More like this., This is an unboxing of the Hatsan 12Ga Pump.Part of Hatsans extensive range of Escort shotguns and imported into the UK by Edgar Brothers over in Cheshire, for the princely sum of just 570 Ill stake my reputation on the fact you wont get anything any better.More like this., Carson shooting the Hatsan Optima MP Pump Tactical shotgun with Barska Red Dot Scope.Likewise, once youve become accustomed to mounting the Escort so the sights are perfectly aligned with you eye, the speed of operation will guarantee results.Where the Practical Pump differs is that the 24 long, 3 chambered barrel is fitted with a vented shroud that hinges just above the magazine cap and replaces the rib.Youll need a slot on your Section 1 licence to own the Escort Practical Pump since as an 8-shot the guns a firearm not a shotgun.Whilst the clubs that cater for the sport at times seem difficult to find, once youve located one youre more than likely to find a great bunch of friendly folk all ready, willing and able to welcome you into their ranks.With little if any practice I was able to fully load the gun in 13 seconds, a time that could no doubt be improved upon.All Day Long, shot over an improvised layout on the Huntroyde Estate consisting of strategically positioned clays and cardboard silhouettes, straight out of the box the Escort was on the money, only targets requiring a follow up shot down to my own haste in many.

More like this., shooting birdshot and the last round is 00 Buckshot, notice the difference in recoil?
Matte Black, ostensibly what your getting with the Escort Practical Pump is the standard 12-bore with a few minor but important modifications.