Asian language map

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Paul has spent a lifetime travelling around East and Southeast Asia. Recognizing and differentiating among languages spoken in East Asia and Southeast Asia is a very difficult task. After all, don't most East Asians look the same until we hear them speak?

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Southeast Asia amasses a vast geographical area. It is a part of the Asian continent that boasts of a rich history, made up of distinct cultures, climates, cuisines, and systems of belief. Southeast Asia incorporates many countries from Myanmar to Timor-Leste.

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Asia is home to about 4. The population of the continent is about six times that of Europe, and it is not surprising that the continent has many languages. Asia is characterized by mountains, vast plains, islands, and jungles, a feature that allowed communities to isolate and develop languages without external influence.

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Languages spoken across Europe and Asia are descended from a proto-language that was used 15, to 10, years ago, say r esearchers led by Dr Andrew Meade from the University of Reading, UK. Ice Age people living in Europe might have used forms of some common words including I, you, we, thou, not, that, to give, who, that in some cases could still be recognized today Neanderthal Museum, Germany. According to their findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesancient people living 15, years ago might have used forms of some words that in some cases could still be recognized today.

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It shows, quite strikingly, how giant the population of Chinese speakers is, compared to any of the other languages. At million speakers, Mandarin outstrips English by half a billion. The image is further broken down by country.

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An insatiable appetite for ancient and modern tongues. The Indian subcontinent is an area of great linguistic diversity where close to languages are spoken. Politically, it is divided into seven independent countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives not shown in the map.

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Linguistic diversity in the US continues to expand. The share of people who speak English at home fell from In terms of total speakers, the fastest-growing non-English language was Spanish, with almost one million more in thanan increase of 2.

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The present picture, hence, bears little resemblance to the past distributions. The present map 4. In Indonesia, which has many local languages and dialects, Bahasa Indonesia, the national language, has failed to spread to all parts of the country. English remains the most commonly spoken language in the Philippines, despite the adoption of a national Filipino language.

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There is a wide variety of languages spoken throughout Asiacomprising different language families and some unrelated isolates. They usually have a long tradition of writing, but not always. Several other families are regionally dominant.

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Languages spoken by billions of people across Europe and Asia are descended from an ancient tongue uttered in southern Europe at the end of the last ice age, according to research. The claim, by scientists in Britain, points to a common origin for vocabularies as varied as English and Urdu, Japanese and Itelmen, a language spoken along the north-eastern edge of Russia. The ancestral language, spoken at least 15, years ago, gave rise to seven more that formed an ancient Eurasiatic "superfamily", the researchers say.


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