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Already, images of his triumph circled through his head, of throwing down his two aces in triumph and watching as she was forced to remove three articles of clothing.

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Syrana laved her tongue against his chin, eagerly cleaning her own liquids from his face as she gave a wanton whimper, sliding a paw down to line him up.

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They're all out on their pokemon journey's, battling, and getting laid.

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He decided that, if he looked like losing, he'd call before the bet could be raised, and then feign feeling ill to get out of playing another round.

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Colin couldn't help but wrap his fingertips around his throbbing length at the display, edging his legs under the table a little bit to disguise his obvious delight at what he was about to see, squeezing almost painfully hard around his sensitve flesh, shuddering.

Description: Two fingers pressed to the outer lips of her cunt, and spread it open, exposing the pink inner flesh, making him feel light-headed, eyes widening and mouth hanging slack.

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