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It's sad that some people avoid them like being homeless is some form of an infectious disease that they can catch by just talking to them.

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This was what he wanted to confirm after his then-trophy wife started acting strange and symptoms of a potential two-faced partner began to surface.

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As they say, humor is the cinnamon to the bun that is best partnered with a strong taste of a newly-brewed espresso.

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He Found Out His Wife was Cheating When His Innocent Daughter Answered the Phone

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The whole telephone conversation initially sounded pretty casual not until they got through the bottom of it and discovered that the joke was on him.

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Although his two stunted lame hind legs had been amputated, other operations still await Bonsai as he has a short crooked spine, a dysfunctional pelvis, splayed front legs, and sacs of fluid inside his body.

Description: Given the same case, will you handle the situation at exactly the same way? When he died, we lost everything - our big house, our cars, our business - to the banks.

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