Carrier liability - 71 (B)carrier liability TO passengers - referenced IN rule.
In order to apply to the air carrier for refund due to a forced cancellation of air travel by passenger, passenger should proceed as follows: A) In the event where a forced cancellation of air travel by passenger is effected directly at the airport of departure due to cancellation or delay of his/her flight or change of the itinerary or operation of flight other than according to the.
(D)THE carrier reserves ALL defenses AND limitations available under THE warsaw convention OR THE montreal convention, whichever MAY apply TO claims FOR damage occasioned BY delay, including, BUT NOT limited TO, THE exoneration defense OF article 21 OF THE warsaw convention AND article.
Graduates from hmas Rushcutter comprised around one-fifth of all the Anti-Submarine Officers and men in British ships in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and other theatres of war where U-Boats were encountered. .(B)THE carrier shall make THE advance payment AS AN advance against THE carrier'S liability under THE warsaw convention, OR THE montreal convention, whichever MAY advance payment shall NOT constitute recognition OF advance payment shall BE offset against, OR deducted from THE payment OF, ANY settlement.(A)A service animal (A guide DOG OR other animal individually trained TO provide assistance TO AN individual witisability) accompanyinisabled passenger (B)DOG trained IN search AND rescue (C)DOG trained IN drug AND explosive detection THE DOG must havarness AND present credible documentation (identification card, markings.Hot Reception U-465 Sunk Early in the pivotal month of May 1943, the successful British introduction of centimetric radar at night - and Doenitz's corresponding 'fight-back directive' - produced a rash of daylight U-boat sightings.(Some items of information reported by Herington, such as the presumed identities of certain U-boats, have been corrected using the latest updated data from.) Other sources used were the more recent books, U-boat Versus Aircraft; Maritime is Number Ten; Endurance; They Shall Not Pass.Note applicable FOR combination OF special fares) when combining special fares with other types OF fares, THE restrictive provisions OF THE special fare apply only TO THE special fare AND NOT TO ANY other fare used IN END ON END combination.(2)payment AND ticketing (A)THE purchase orepaid ticket advice constitutes THE purchase oicket TO meet THE special reservations AND ticket requirements, BUT NOT THE issuance orefore, ANY provision outlined IN THE rule FOR tickets shall apply tlace OF ticket issuance will BE determined BY THE location.Country: service charge: australia AUD 34 austria EUR.00 belgium EUR.00 benin, burkina faso, cameroon, central african republic, chad, comoros, congo, cote D'ivoire, equatorial guinea, gabon, mali, niger, senegal, AND togo XAF 13300 botswana BWP 69 cyprus CYP 12 egypt EGP 85 fiji FJD.Tour conductor discounts (category 20) intentionally left blank agent discounts (category 21) intentionally left blank ALL other discounts (category 22) intentionally left blank miscellaneous provisions - 90 (category 23) unless otherwise indicated, these fares MAY NOT BE used FOR differential construction.(2)unaccompanied children ages 5, 6 OR 7 will only BE transported over THE lines OF AA NON-stop OR through plane service.Presentation oopy OF THE military orders IS required.

All hands were assembled on deck in the darkness, in preparation for launching their liferafts, when they were startled by the targeting searchlight of a Leigh-Light Wellington, 179/X (which mercifully held its fire). .Passenger means ANY person, except members OF THE crew, carried OR TO BE carried IN AN aircraft with THE consent OF carrier.Area: ZZ tariff: iprg CXR: AA rule: 0062 title/application - 70 group conditional reservations (A)general upon receivinequest from A "group organizer THE carrier AT ITS option MAY offer conditional reservations FOR groups when accompanied britten statement TO that effect.Carrier IS NOT liable FOR ANY damage directly AND solely arising OUT OF ITS compliance with ANY laws, government regulations, orders, OR requirements OR from failure OF passenger TO comply with same, OR OUT OF ANY cause beyond carrier'S control.Whilst in captivity, Benson was awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal and promoted to Warrant Officer for sinking U-564.Delivering carrier meanarrier ON whose flighassenger holds OR held confirmed space tonnecting point.Clark, spotted the U-boat's segretarie che troie German naval escort of three Narvik -class destroyers. .(E)FOR THE countries listed IN THE chart below, THE carrier will imposervice charge IN THE local selling currency AS shown FOR each prepaid ticket advice sale issued BY THE carrier IN that country.Baggage embargoes unless otherwise specified, items listed below ARE allowed during baggage embargoes.

(B)conditions FOR refund (I)when fund will BE made upon receiving application FOR such refund, subject TO (II) AND (III) below.