Holy - You know Planet of the Apes?
In our opinion our English swear words could be a little more creative: our use of the words sh f* and so on, are old-hat and boring.
Hok a chanik : (We all know someone like this) To waffle on endlessly, or be forever talking nonsense.Oh porca vacca, quanto scotta!When you dont want or need something youd say you need it like you need a lock in kop. .Apparently Quebec-French is its own special language, and with it come many slurs and insults.These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.When translated literally it doesnt really make any sense, but its actually used to mean.Dove'è la spiaggia (il lido)?She is my annunci sesso san salvo love and I want her, that's my madonna, wish of all my dreams, i'll try everything with her.If not, perhaps you have.When translated to English its not very pleasant perhaps the nicest words to use might be scoundrel, or sly-dog.We all know a Schlump!Someone whos particularly useless, inept, clueless, and usually klutzy: the type whos always bumping into things and knocking them over.

Schlump means a pathetic human being.From what we see in the world of translation, other languages have taken a bit more creative license with their insults.Silbabot in Amharic translates to you are the fatty layer on my warm milk! .Oh hell the fuck no!Getting fucked in a porn shop.Im going to stick with Yiddish insults for the moment because theyre quite humorous.Tabarnak in Quebec-French translates to Tabernacle.And everyone's around her only, They send drinks, they want her, to touch her lips, better me to get drunk.Tua mamma bocchinara in Italian translates as Your Mum's a fluffer.The English phrase Ill be damned might be a fair translation of this Swedish insult.But if youre a tuches lecker it means youre a butt-kisser, someone whos always brown nosing for attention or approval.

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