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Similarly, it can be neutral and you have to know the all context, or deduce by the tone that is being used in order give it good or bad intensifying meaning.
Cazzata can be translated as: Bullshit, Bollocks, Or it can be something completely inconsequential, trivial, unimportant.
And normally, an Italian would touch his/her forehead with the palm of one hand in case of forgetfulness.
A book, a movie, a painting that: Non mi dice un cazzo.Example : "figlio di mignotta" (son of a bitch).This Leonardo drawing you gave to me is really beautiful, thank you so much!Example: Quella è tanto una brava ragazza!, She is such a decent girl!His name does not ring a bell.Lui non fa un cazzo dalla mattina alla sera.
Of course, in the same kind of situation (getting hurt) cazzo can be used as annunci incontri bakeca vicenza the usual intensifier in an opposite way: Fa un cazzo di male!
Example: Sarebbe bello vincere la lotteria!

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This topic is frequently discussed on the internet, so lets move.Non mi rompere i coglioni - edit Literally don't fuck with me Practical Usage Literally translates to "dont break my balls" most often used in the context of "you're really pissing me off" pigliainculo - edit peellyaeenkoolo Literally spineless coward, loser Practical Usage Unlike all.Italian Insults, do you know a curse, swear or insult that is not listed here?It is clearly the one who did the work, as to say: Guess who!?Finally the: Cazzaro is the subject that frequently tells bullshit, or: bullshit artist.To give nothing (in the sense of lending money or other goods, charity, etc.) Non capire un cazzo.

Take it easy Miss, it is nothing.
I'm not even sure it was Italian.
Literally why are you breaking my balls?