Thumb joint diagram

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Texting, typing, gaming … Such activities pervade our lives. More specifically these painful or irritating conditions are repetitive stress injuries that fall under the more scientific categories of tendinitis, tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, carpometacarpal joint irritation, collateral ligament injury, etc. As I alluded to, we use our thumbs frequently throughout the day for technology use and otherwise.

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In a normal joint, cartilage covers the ends of the bones and allows them to move smoothly and painlessly against one another. In osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritisthe cartilage layer wears out, resulting in direct contact between the bones. In the hand, the second most common joint to develop osteoarthritis is the joint at the base of the thumb.

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If you have swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the base of your thumb, or have been diagnosed with thumb osteoarthritis, these exercises are for you! If the base of your thumb really hurts, try acupressure as a simple home remedy. Using the thumb and index finger from your opposite hand, apply firm pressure for seconds to the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger.

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Arthritis literally translated from the Latin means joint inflammation. In a normal human joint, bone ends are covered by a smooth layer of cartilage, and the joint is bathed in lubricating synovial fluid. In advanced arthritis, the cartilage layer is thin or absent.

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The carpometacarpal CMC joints are five joints in the wrist that articulate the distal row of carpal bones and the proximal bases of the five metacarpal bones. The carpometacarpal joint of the thumb pollexalso known as the first carpometacarpal joint, or the trapeziometacarpal joint TMC because it connects the trapezium to the first metacarpal bone, plays an irreplaceable role in the normal functioning of the thumb. The most important joint connecting the wrist to the metacarpus, osteoarthritis of the TMC is a severely disabling condition; up to twenty times more common among elderly women than in average.

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What is it? The joint at the base of the thumb which allows for the swivel and pivoting motions of the thumb is referred to as the basal joint or thumb CMC carpometacarpal joint. Because of its design, it tends to wear out and develop arthritis early in life.

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The hand and wrist are made up of many different bones, muscles and ligaments that enable a wide range of movements. The wrist is formed where the two bones of the forearm — the radius the larger bone on the thumb side of the arm and the ulna the smaller bone on the pinky side — meet the carpus. Rather than a single joint, the wrist is actually made up of multiple joints where the bones of the arm and hand meet to allow movement.

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Arthritis at the base of the thumb carpometacarpal joint is the second most common arthritis in the hand. Similar to arthritis in other areas of the body, it develops from the normal wear process of our joints as we age. Typically, arthritis at this joint occurs after years of age, and is much more common in women than men.

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A broken thumb is a serious problem. It affects the ability to grasp items. A broken thumb can increase the risk of arthritis later in life.

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Any condition that irritates or destroys a joint is called arthritis. In a normal joint, cartilage covers the ends of the bones and allows them to move smoothly and painlessly against one another. With osteoarthritis also called degenerative arthritisthe cartilage layer wears out and the bones rub against each other.


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