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2006) 1938 Teresa Heinz, Mozambican-American businesswoman and philanthropist 1939 Marie-Claire Blais, Canadian author and playwright 1939.
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1926) 2012 Edvard Mirzoyan, Georgian-Armenian composer and educator (b.1923) 2010 Mary Leona Gage, American model and actress, Miss USA 1957 (b.1970 The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is founded.1582 Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.2013) 1922 José Froilán González, Argentinian race car driver (d.2004) 1963 Laura Davies, English golfer and sportscaster 1963 Tony Dodemaide, Australian cricketer 1963 Michael Hadschieff, Austrian speed skater 1963 Nick Robinson, English journalist and blogger 1964 Dave Dederer, American guitarist and singer 1964 Philip.Risposte: 8, visite: 305, ieri, 13:21, risposte:.Simply fill in the e-mail address and name of the person you wish to tell about m, your name and e-mail address (so they can reply to you with gracious thanks and click the recommend button.1972) 1888 Mary Fuller, American actress and screenwriter (d.1569) 1714 Kaibara Ekken, Japanese botanist and philosopher (b.1897) 1983 Earl Tupper, American inventor and businessman, founded the Tupperware Corporation (b.Video span sara LA signora sara LO FA proprio bene.2003) 1913 Eugene.Visite:, 13:23, risposte: 0, visite:, 11:36, risposte: 8, visite:, 10:51, risposte: 470, visite: 97, 18:34, risposte:.1916) 2013 Carlo Lizzani, Italian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b.
2008) 1958 André Kuipers, Dutch physician and astronaut 1958 Neil Peart, Australian footballer 1958 Neil deGrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, cosmologist, and author 1959 Maya Lin, American architect and sculptor, designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Civil Rights Memorial 1959 Kelly Joe Phelps, American singer-songwriter and.

2017) 1924 José Donoso, Chilean author (d.1810) 1743 Giuseppe Gazzaniga, Italian composer and educator (d.1450 Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria.816 King Louis the Pious is crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by Pope Stephen IV at Reims.Wallis, American film producer (b.1844) 1816 Ursula Frayne, Irish-Australian nun and missionary (d.1789) 1728 Chevalier d'Éon, French diplomat and spy (d.M in partnership with m offers highly competitive rates for all types of hotels in Cremona, from affordable family hotels to the most luxurious ones.1959) 1908 Mehmet Ali Aybar, Turkish lawyer and politician (d.We have put together also a carefully selected list of recommended hotels in Cremona, only hotels with the highest level of guest satisfaction are included.1158) 1285 Philip III, king of France (b.
1761) 1848 Joseph Hormayr, Baron zu Hortenburg, Austrian-German historian and politician (b.
2011) 1917 Allen Ludden, American television personality and game show host (d.

1995) 1908 Joshua Logan, American director and screenwriter (d.