In, Putana Ptan, lit.
As per Kumaratantra, all childhood diseases falling on the third day, the third month, or the third year of a child's life are attributed to escort occasionali Putana, regardless of the disease's symptoms.
Kumaratantra Rituals related to childhood a branch of Ayurveda, specifically mentions that it aims to heal diseases that arise from "empoisoned milk of Seizers" (Grahini Putana being one.
Thus, Putana, like Yashodha, is also considered as a foster-mother of Krishna as she breast-fed him.You are a wicked and miserable woman.During one night in the underworld, Putna was interrupted from sacrificing one demon when Kans called upon her.Hobby, killing children, sacrificing other turchia troia demons.One day there was heavenly prophesy that that the eighth child of his sister would kill him.(a work on the life of Krishna) and Brahma Vaivarta Purana further tell of the previous birth of Putana as Ratnamala, the daughter of demon king.Finally, the whole chapter is called "Deliverance of Putana and not "Killing of Putana".
According to the legends, while sucking the milk, the God sucked the life out of the demoness and she died.

I am yours." Further, Putana is purified and liberated from her mortal body by Krishna.In, an appendix to Mahabharata, she is listed as a Grahini, with a prayer to protect the child at the end.Previous birth, top panel: Krishna killing Putana.However, Krishna instead sucked out Putna's life force, killing her.The story of Shri Krishna and Putana is also related to the conspiracy of Kansa in order to kill the Lord.Add a photo to this gallery.Another explanation derives "Ptan" from "Pta" (purifying thus meaning "she who purifies".Herbert theorizes "Ptan" is derived from "Put a hell in Hindu mythology, associated with parents and children.
Putana (also called as poothani the "killer of infants was sent by Krishna's evil uncle to kill Krishna.
Both incidences enforce the view that though Putana's mortal body is killed by Krishna, she lives on in the world as a spirit.

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