Figlio di puttana feel-yo dee son of a bitch.
Italian Slang Dictionary: intro, puttane in parlamento a B, c D, e F, g I, l M,.
This form of language, the "Goomba-Italiano" has been used for generations.
Italian edit, etymology edit, from, old French putain, from, latin puta (girl).Pecora, alla, aLL-a PAY-cor-ah Like a sheep doggy style.P Q, r S, t U, v X, z Pacco pahk-ko Literally package, but also used in the sense shown here (Your package is in good hands just as it is in English.Oofah, U ffa sigh.Swarm: 0, seeds 0, peers, vote: No votes yet."I beg you." If you are feeling mooshadd, stoonad or mezzo-morto ( half dead ), ammosciato groggy, slumpy or deflated like a flat tire.Image top: A woman is like a washing machine: she gives her best at 90 degrees!A semi-polite substition for porca Madonna is porca Madosca if Madosca has a meaning (someones name?Users Advertising Privacy Policy Copyright scopate amatoriali con prostitute Contact Latest Torrents).Manicotti, in IT cannelloni.Cavatelli, homemade type of pasta calamari squid Mangia (eat) some zeppoles, canollis, torrone, struffoli, correct spelling is " cannoli " shfoolyadell pignoli cookies, sfogliatelle : philo dough pastries with cheese or a little nutella on pannetone.Not to be confused with pisolino.It also suggests a state of 'agitation, restlessness' that comes from an upset stomach - maybe with psychological implications.
P er favore please grazia IT grazie thank you prego you are welcome, lit.

(How did it get in here?) Delizioso!Or What a pain in the ass!Palle Girate (Avere Le pALL-lay jee-RAH-tay To have ones balls turned or twisted to be extremely irritated, either specifically or just a general bad mood.A polite version of some common phrases can be constructed by substituting Ella or Ulla (both meaningless) for Porca : Ella miseria!Probably it means "Northern Italian".E tymologically: "outside the grace of god irresponsible, good for nothing.Often used with small children, especially in the diminutive form, pisellino (little pea).Your IP Address.
Roughly equals Holy shit!