Gravity edit In the Italian language profanities belonging to this category are called bestemmie (singular: bestemmia in which God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, the Saints or the Roman Catholic Church are insulted.
Any insult to Mary or the various saints do not actually represent a bestemmia or any violation of existing laws and rules.
Coleones ) annunci sesso milazzo and is thus cognate to the Spanish cojones and Portuguese colhões.
Dall'Orto: checcabolario (in Italian.Retrieved lexis Munier, Emmanuel Tichelli (2008).ammiopatro che non era romano me lo diceva senpre con un sorriso sorniollo.The idiom is widely used in Tuscany, 54 whose origin bakeca incontri soave is attributed to the swamps of Maremma that used to cause malaria and other diseases to the Tuscan population.Fica or figa (pl.Pompinari / pompinare cock-sucker, 31 person prone to perform oral sexual activities.52 Minced oaths edit These profanities are also commonly altered to minced oaths with very slight changes in order not to appear blasphemies.

TIP* If you are really angry, u can say "madonnaccia.Citation needed Sometimes coglione was also featured in worldwide news when used by ex Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi referring to those who would not vote for him during the 2006 Italian election campaign.Ravano, Dizionario romanesco, Roma, 1994."BBC Languages Lost in words".Maiala : whore, bitch; common in Tuscany.Sono a camera da letto Sono a ripostiglio La parcella è 1k euro, grazie.Incazzarsi : to get pissed off.Some local administrations still ban the practice.It also mean sexy, hot and attractive if refers to a woman.Ricchioni ) rikkjone : faggot.The title can be translated as The Tale of Tales.
Andare a puttane : go to whores, be fucked.