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Others have asked his partner, Sarah, about it. A one Maurie Sherman called in to a morning radio show to claim he went on a blind date with Giambrone three years ago. They only had dinner, but it was definitely a date, he says; Giamrbone picked up the tab.

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No use crying over spilt milk can I say "homo"? I need to make my peace, seeing as I'm the author of his recent misfortune in the press, the "gay" slip that ruined his plans for a nice, quiet New Year's Eve. I've been doing my penance, listening to Morrissey and the Smiths Bigmouth Strikes Again non-stop ever since.

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Giambrone, who currently lives with long-time partner Sarah McQuarrie, admitted to the relationship with university student Kristen Lucas after she forwarded a series of text messages to the Toronto Star. Lucas said she had been in a relationship with Giambrone for about a year. From their story:.

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Tonight, Barry learns to drive, while Adam records the family proceedings -- much to the annoyance of the family -- on a giant camcorder. It startles you awake. It assaults you.

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Without a doubt, Adam is also reminding himself, as Rossi is on the centre-right, about the Miller creation myth, which saw a relatively unknown figure start with negligible polling numbers, only to vault to victory eleven months later. My guess is that George, looking at the mounting traffic in the right-hand lane, will soon begin to target downtown, socially progressive voters with a handful of urban-minded wedge issues. Miller won those votes on the strength of his intellect and charisma.

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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. I have an early nominee for weirdest column of ; it's a piece by Enzo Di Matteo for NOW magazine in Toronto that can be found here. Go read it and then I will give you some context.

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Now Magazine has made what appears to be an error by publishing an article that states that Adam Giambrone is gay. In this week's edition of NOW in print and online there's an article detailing " Five Fearless Predictions for ," complete with a lead photo of Toronto city councillor and potential mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone. He's described as bright, young, and

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. M ayoral candidate Adam Giambrone can be gay if he wants to, or bisexual. This is Toronto. Giambrone the playboy can have a year-old girlfriend on the side, a common practice among the political elite of the day.

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Jump to navigation. A slight contrast to how Byzantium actually describes itself. No, Murray tweeted carefully and deliberately.

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Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Adam Giambrone? Biography, gossip, facts? How does Adam Giambrone look like?


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