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As a ham operator this seriously disappoints me. The way it sounds the 2m ham band was targeted because it is world wide. Taking it is the easy way out for the producers.

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The itch struck me in the middle of and I learned a lot since then. People often ask me questions about all kinds of amateur radio topics and I decided to compile all of the answers into a big page that I can update over time. Keep in mind that the vast majority of the topics presented here will be applicable to amateur radio all over the world, but much of the discussion around licensing and rules is very specific to the United States.

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It is also designed to give you local control over your own frequencies while somewhat standardizing channels and channel names county-wide. Military and EMS personnel know that careful radio programming is essential to successful communications in emergency situations. Good communications in times of crisis can mean the difference between life and death or mitigating property losses.

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October 7, by k5ccl. Club Meeting Saturday. And ham radio is the beneficiary of this great advance.

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Both have been very low-cost exercises, at least in terms of wallet impact. The first step for most Technician-class amateur radio operators is checking out the local repeaters, most of which are set up exactly for the bands that Techs have access to. Time to face some cold, hard facts about amateur radio: that spiffy new Baofeng radio I recommended last time as a great starter radio is actually pretty lame.

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Ever watch the Stranger Things series on Netflix? It also features some excellent electronics technology that was at its prime back in the 80s and is still kicking today. In one scene, three boys are sitting around their very first ham radio with their science teacher in tow.

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Because it is local and reliable, and because the licensing requirements to transmit on the 2-meter band are easy to meet in many parts of the world, [4] this band is one of the most popular non- HF ham bands. This popularity, the compact size of needed radios and antennas, and this band's ability to provide easy reliable local communications also means that it is also the most used band for local emergency communications effortssuch as providing communications between Red Cross shelters and local authorities. Much of 2-meter FM operation uses a radio repeatera radio receiver and transmitter that instantly retransmits a received signal on a separate frequency. Repeaters are normally located in high locations such as a tall building or a hill top overlooking expanses of territory.

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A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives a signal and retransmits it, so that two-way radio signals can cover longer distances. A repeater sited at a high elevation can allow two mobile stations, otherwise out of line-of-sight propagation range of each other, to communicate. Repeater systems use two different radio frequencies; the mobiles transmit on one frequency, and the repeater station receives those transmission and transmits on a second frequency.


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