Asian lions

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The Asian Lion is a subspecies of the lion which survives today only in India and therefore it is also known as the Indian or Gir lion. Like their African cousins, Asian lions are highly sociable animals living in social units called prides. The Asian lion pride is smaller.

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Text available under a Creative Commons licence. Your support will help us build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. The WWF is run at a local level by the following offices

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Jump to navigation. The Asiatic lions seem to be in danger, especially after carcasses of 14 lions, including cubs, were found between September 11 and 25 from Gir east forest range. Nine of these were found in the Dalkhaniya range and two were recovered from the Jashadhar range.

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Asiatic lion is listed as endangered due its small population in Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is home to many species of wild animals and selected as one of the best place to reintroduce Asiatic lions from Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. The Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected forest area,situated in the southeast portion of the Pratapgarh. Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary is a well known picnic spots, dense forests,situated about 70 kilometres from the city of Varanasi.

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Today Fota Wildlife Park announced to the public the birth of four Asian lion cubs Panthera leo persica who were born on the 20th February to second time parents, mother Gira and father Shanto. The eight-week-old cubs were born along with a fifth cub who was stillborn. This species is endangered and now inhabits only one remaining site in the world — the Gir Forest, in India, which means that wildlife parks and zoos play a crucial role in safeguarding the species and maintaining the genetic diversity outside of the pocket of the wild population.

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The Asiatic lion is a Panthera leo leo population in India. On the IUCN Red Listit is listed under its former scientific name Panthera leo persica as Endangered because of its small population size and area of occupancy. The Asiatic lion was first described in by the Austrian zoologist Johann N.

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All rights reserved. Nearly all wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa, but one small population of Asiatic lions exists in India's Gir Forest. Asiatic lions and African lions are subspecies of the same species.

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All rights reserved. While Asiatic big cats are rare, their spiritual importance helped inspire their human neighbors to keep them safe. African lions get, well, the lion's share of attention—but some would be surprised to learn there's another subspecies of the big cat in Asia. The Asiatic lion once roamed vast swaths of the Middle East and Asia, but indiscriminate hunting and killing to protect livestock led to their mass slaughter.

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Since September 12, as many as 23 lions have died in the sanctuary, at least 11 of them due to the CDV and Protozoa infections, according to forest officials. Two more Gir lions died on Monday, taking the death toll in the deadly outbreak of canine distemper virus CDV and tick-borne babesiosis in Amreli district to The infection has nearly wiped out an entire member pride in just 20 days.

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The recent deaths of lions in Gir has raised the issue of their translocation to a safer place. Twenty three Asiatic lions died between September 12 and October 1 and three on October This has made wildlife activists ask Gujarat to translocate lions outside the state to ensure that the population is spread out and the danger of a species wipe out is averted. But Gujarat has always maintained that Gir is safe for the lions.


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