Remy and rogue mature fanfiction

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I love Remy and Rogue together. They make me happy so that's what I write. I may venture away from them sometime, because I have a soft spot for Kitty and Piotr also, but I'm not there yet.

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Oh man, this story could be way more smutty, but then I think it would be less hilarious. Don't worry though, I think you'll like it! Rogue sighed and dropped her head down onto her hands.

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Author's Note: I'd written a very similar story about a year ago, and I loved the idea, so I decided to write another. I picture these characters as the X-Men Legacy current versions, not the movies or anything. Hope you enjoy, it was alot of fun writing my X-Men Otp.

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Dirrty, durr-teenot nice smut, but smut all the less. There is one instance of biting that is non-sensual and draws at tiny amount of blood. There is hair-pulling.

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You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel, you and m. He swore loudly and glared at his phone on his nightstand. He flipped his phone open and instantly smiled through bleary eyes.

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There is some suggestive content though and I don't want my story to be deleted so it's M. I've never written from Remy's point of view before so this was a little different for me. Hope you like it.

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Rogue sighed as she leaned back against the hard wooden tree behind her. She closed her eyes, reveling in the cooling breeze as it blew around her. She took in a deep breath, a smile instantly growing on her face as she picked up the distinct scent of cigarette smoke and Cajun spices.

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So, if you have any sort of issue with that possibility, please don't read this and for the love of god, don't flame me about it, 'cause you've been warned. This was inspired by Rogue telling Gambit, "Like I want you inside my head". I obviously don't make money off it, 'cause if I did, I wouldn't be writing fan fiction.

Gambit opened his eyes. He blinked a few times, and started to sit up only for a wave of dizziness to cover him. He waited out the dizzy spell, and then moved his head slowly to look around and figure out where he was.


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