Battement glissé is a rapid battement normally taken to 2-3 centimeters off the floor (literally means a gliding battement).
Battement fondu is a battement (usually slower) from a fondu (both knees bent) position and extends until both legs are straight.The Prince embraces her as she dies, then carries her lifeless body into the lake, where he also drowns himself.27 Dance of the Little Swans : Moderato.The part of Odette/Odile was danced by Evdokia Kalmykova, a student of the Moscow Imperial Ballet School, with Alfred Bekefi as Prince Siegfried.In 1940, San Francisco Ballet became the first American company to stage a complete production of Swan Lake.She tells them that her name is Odette and she was one of the swans they were hunting.20, is a ballet composed by, pyotr Ilyich incontri latina donna cerca uomo Tchaikovsky in 187576.Can also be done in the air.
Assemblé, literally meaning to assemble, a movement where the first foot performs a battement glissé/degagé, "swishing" out.

Dancers from Little Princess Ballet Academy (lpba) in Second Life have lined up, waiting to go on stage for Swan Lake in May 2014.The use of the word Pas when referring to a combnation of steps which make up a dance, is used mostly in Russia, and parts of eastern Europe, while in english speaking counties the word combination often suffices.Rothbart in this production is played by two dancers; one appears as a handsome young man who is easily able to lure Odette in the new prologue, and the other dancer is covered in sinister "monster makeup" which reveals the magician's true self.None of the films contain Tchaikovsky's music.4 One theory is that the original choreographer, Julius Reisinger, who was a Bohemian (and therefore likely to be familiar with The Stolen Veil created the story.Entrechats are divided into two general classes: the even-numbered entrechats, or donna troy those which land on two feet- deux, quatre, six, huit and dix- and the odd-numbered entrechats, or those which land on one foot- trois, cinq, sept and neuf.The second variation of the Pas de Trois (No.15 Un poco di Chopin, orchestrated by Drigo as a Pas d'action for Prince Siegfried and Odette in which the lovers reconcile.
The swans greet her joyfully, but petit trois la vallee despair when they learn of Siegfried's betrayal.
In Ivanov's original choreography, when Odette makes her second entrance to beg Benno and the hunting party not to hurt her fellow Swan Maidens, she is followed onstage by eight girl students as Swans.