Tabbed out by Garrett Linck, e-mail: Standard Tuning, this riff repeats throughout the entire song, it is the chorus and verse.
From what they got in every other airport.
Main pattern: Two donne sposate cercano ragazzi eight notes (1) and then upbeats for every chord.Back in the day yo as we learned.G D, f# e A donne russe in cerca di lavoro E, next Part is the bridge, which is whole notes but no new chords like so: D i've traveled the world looking for understanding.D-x-4-x-4- D, a-x-2-x-2- A, e-x-x-x-x- E-3-x Ja ne evrei.And billionaires, and generals, they'll never know, they'll never know.G hunting and gathering first hand information.
Hunting and gathering first hand information.
This is the bridge at 1:55 where he starts singing?Ukrainian?

B Minor # Back in a day.Simple because I'm not a total gadjo Da ja shut, ja tziratch, nu tak stozge?Breaking up their neck, chinese moving in building discotheques, trans-Siberian sex toys and whatnot.But I'm a wonderlust king, i stay on the run, let me out.Yeah, scarecrows in hometown, from screen to screen they're all them jokers kept around.What I have owned What I have owned I am a wonderlust king!Dadadadada dadadadada dadadadada dadadada oh!Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello tabbed by: jinjadaninja email: the only other tab here leaves out a whole bunch of stuff.I saw new history of time, new history of time!I saw new history of time, new history of time, and presidents.
I stay on the run, let me out.