We stick to json camelCase for field names in json data.
IMDbPro technical Specs, color: Color, see full technical specs getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page).You can stick to an older version for now, we'll keep it running.When juve caso doping chiuso è scattata la prescrizione you call post /newsletters you need to send to us the same structure of json-encoded representation of a newsletter resource.Delete is only to remove infomration.Currently we accept only 'application/json' content-type.If request url doesn't contain resource ID then we will treat that as new data that must be inserted.Post is to add new or modify existing information.This request will never change anything, you can call it as many times as you want.Each url in our API represents an "resource".GET /newsletters/V we will return json data which represents a resource called "newsletter" where it's ID is equal to 'V'.If you want to modify existing data you need to specify an ID in the Rrequest URL (like post /contacts/hg5fF).GET if to obtain information.This will not trigger error, but we just simply don't look there in GET request.He troie che parlano italiano is an actor and writer, known for.
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API Endpoint, api endpoint (or base url) is always the same for all retail users and looks like follows: m/v3, the only thing to remember is that the last part of it (v3 in this case) is the version number of our API.In order to correctly configure your app you need to remember couple of things.Edit, details, country: Canada, france, language: French, release Date: 21 November 1979 (France see more ».It is called that GET is idempotent request.See more company Credits, production Co: Phoebus Films, see more show more.Each representation has it's ow unique ID - naming convention is very easy: ID of a newsletters is called newsletterId.

For example, if your api-key is: 84fsne83yrths947r6sfgg7w4he8, then the custom authentication header should look like: X-Auth-Token: api-key 84fsne83yrths947r6sfgg7w4he8, for more detailed information, mobile authentication and Enterprise platform authentication please, go to our authentication page, basics, this is rest API, all request follows rest rules.
GetResponse Enterprise platform, for GetResponse Enterprise platform users endpoint looks different.
If in the future we introduce some backward incompatible changes we will increment our API version to give you time to migrate from v3 to (let's say).