Infant formula vs breast milk

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Have you heard the news? It turns out that nursing your baby is a big waste of effort because formula is just as beneficial as breastmilk. At least that's the conclusion you could reasonably draw from recent headlines that assert that there are "no long-term benefits of breastfeeding," and "breast doesn't beat the bottle.

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There are so many controversial topics in the parenting community. Because parenting decisions are deeply rooted within intense emotions and personal experience. The top controversial topics in parenting that come to mind are breastfeeding, baby sleep tipspotty training, and of course, the heated vaccine debate.

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There are ways in which formula is similar to breast milk: they both provide energy, hydration and nutrients, so your baby will grow whichever milk he is given. Human milk has evolved over millions of years to be the perfect food for human babies. So if your baby becomes ill, your body makes extra white blood cells and antibodies that travel into your milk and help fight infection.

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A woman breastfeeds her child in a village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The New York Times reported that the Trump administration had tried to remove language from a WHO resolution that would, according to reporter Andrew Jacobs, "promote and protect breastfeeding around the world, especially in developing countries" and limit the promotion of infant formula. President Donald Trump tweeted his rationale for the U.

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The benefits of breast-feeding are well established. Consider ways to support breast-feeding — and how to handle feelings of guilt if you can't or decide not to breast-feed. Breast-feeding is the recommended way to feed a newborn.

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One of the very first decisions new parents make, even before the baby is born, is how to feed their infant. Many health experts agree that breastfeeding is the ideal way, for optimum nutrition. Specifically, the American Dietetic Association ADA recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for the first six months and then breastfed with complementary foods for at least twelve months.

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I 'm bracing myself for a kicking. Breastfeeding seems to polarise us into a particularly nasty kind of mud-slinging rarely seen in child-rearing circles. We live in a rights-based age that generally respects a woman's discretion to decide what she eats during pregnancy, where to give birth, and whether to shave her armpits before she does.

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For as long as there have been babies, there have been debates over how to feed them. Wet nursing, which began as early as B. The profession eventually declined with the introduction of the infant feeding bottle in the 19th century.

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President Donald Trump and his administration can make politics out of the World Health Organization's breastfeeding guidance, but when it comes to medical science, they won't win a debate. There is an abundance of medical research showing the benefits breast milk plays in infancy that carry over in later life. Research consistently supports that breast milk is the safest and most nutritious feeding method for babies — and the most inexpensive.

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Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed their baby is one of the biggest decisions expectant and new parents will make. Healt experts believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants. But breastfeeding may not be possible for all women.


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