The feminine noun force translates as "strength".
Avec toi ma tres belle amie means 'with you my very beautiful friend'.
My little friend (and it indicates that the friend is male).M, categories, literature Language, languages and Cultures, french Language and Culture.Literal translation is Good Night my heart, but of course in English my heart won't make sense.50: Act I - b&b troia portugal "We Should Be in b Major" 2:59.If you want to say it wasa good night, you would use bonne nuit, but if you're saying goodnight to mean goodbye, you would say au revoir or bon soir.50: Act I - "I Could Have Been a Frog!" 2:10.The plural possessive adjective mes means "my".Good morning, my friend.Well literally it translates as: That's my friend.There is no you in the french language.Aime is averbal form of "aimer meaning to love.The meaning behind the song: she's talking about her sex toy.Usually "mon amour" or "mon choux" would mean boyfriend or girlfriend.50: Act I - "Cinderella Had Her Ball." 2:33, philip Seward Amy Becker, les Dames à piano/Piano Princess,.Nmy likes my friend.
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It is 'mon amie'.

2:17, philip Seward Amy Becker, les Dames à piano/Piano Princess,.It's bonne nuit because nuit is feminine."Je t'aime et bonne nuit mon petit ami" translates as 'I love you and good night my little friend / boyfriend'.I have no idea what the buoy is, but bonne nuit means, literally, good night.Specifically, the feminine adjective bonne means "good." The feminine noun nuit means "night." The conjunction et means "and." 'bonne nuit les amis de prendre soin' translates literally as 'good night friends to take care' Probably a machine translation gone bad, from "good night friends, take.It means "tonight my friend" but using friend a bit more endearing, like "tonight my dear" or "love" or "honey".The feminine singular adjective and noun and masculine singular possessive and noun most famously reference the French version of the psychological thriller Godnatt, min Ãlskade by Swedish crime writer Inger Frimansson (born November 14, 1944).
It's all in the voice inflection.

(if not, you would have two vowel sounds following each other) "Bonjour mon ami ca va" are two sentences.