All I need is prostitute amsterdam consigli you, all I need is you, you.
Let me be honest, love is a road that goes both ways.
Then I'll squeeze your booty real hard like I'm cilindro mestre escort hobby 95 kneading dough.
Forget all the trans cerca sesso shooting stars and all the silver moons.I'll be there for you, i'll be there for you, when you're screaming, but they only hear you whisper.But you gotta be there for me too view 1,844 times comments.Around the world and back again.We make a really good team.Sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money.We go out for coffee, and keep it to ourselves, we make little homes out of three-star hotels.But you gotta be there for me too.If I call you on the phone.I'll be loud for you, i'll be loud for you, i got you, I promise.So, I'm running, running just to keep my hands on you.
And if you break this little heart, it'd be an honour.

Buying e-cigarettes at the convenience store.Sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money All I need is you All I need is you, you Thanks to ali, azaylia, Brianna, mckenna, Brendan for correcting these lyrics.Somewhere, I lost a piece.I'll be loud for you, but you gotta be there for me too.We've been making shades of purple out of red and blue.Though not everyone sees, we got this crazy chemistry, between.And you're on the other side.